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  • 7-min Core Blast w/Maria

  • 7-minute Booty Burn w/Maria

    Wish that toning section was just a little bit longer?? We've got your fix right here. Build strength and muscular endurance with these exercises focused on the glutes. Hello, Ms. New Booty.

  • 12-min Recovery w/Maria

    A great workout and intentional recovery go together like peanut butter and jelly. Use this series to work out any aches or soreness, improve your mobility, give some extra love to your major joints, and increase blood flow throughout your body.

  • 8-minute Cardio Quickie w/Maria

    Get your heart rate up with this mix of cardio and strength moves for a sweaty, full-body burn!

  • 6-min Pre-class Mobility w/Maria

    If you really want to go hard from the moment the drum loop drops, use these warm up videos to get blood flowing to all your major muscle groups. Warming up before class helps improve performance and decrease chance of injury. Win-win.

  • 5-minute Cool Down w/Maria

    Cool down is KEY! These quick stretches will help prevent soreness and injury.

  • 8-minute Deep Stretch w/Maria

    Get into those tight spots, Fivers!! Hips, back, shoulders - we’ll help ya release it all. Use these videos to help improve your posture, flexibility, and physical performance, while also unwinding, relieving stress, and calming your mind.