Get 305 Certified

Get 305 Certified

Gain the cool confidence of a 305 instructor when you go through this one-day training! Learn everything you need to lead the 305 format, including counting, cueing, and choreo. Check out a preview of the training, and learn more at

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Get 305 Certified
  • Get Certified: What 305 Certification Can Do For You

    What does it mean to get #305Certified? How much money can you make? What is the mission of 305 instructors? Learn more about this life-changing course in this video, and sign up for a training at!

  • Get Certified: When & How To Cue

    Counting and cueing are the foundation of the 305 class. View the full video and take the entire course at!

  • Get Certified: Learn Combo Moves

    Take the full course and view the full version at!